Inauguration service

christoph maierOn Sunday, November 1st at 10 a.m., the Wittenberg Castle Parish invites you to the service. The liturgy is done by Provost Johann Schneider, the sermon is held by Pastor Christoph Maier. During the service, Pastor Christoph Maier is solemnly introduced by Provost Christoph Hackbeil as the new director of the Evangelical Academy Wittenberg.

9.5 theses on dealing with the corona pandemic

  1. Belief these days means not to panic and To let fear roll over, but to trust that God does not leave us alone.

  2. Charity these days means doing everything to to protect our fellow human beings.

  3. Grace these days means doing everything that is in ours There is power, and yet you can fully trust it may God give us a future.

  4. To be a church these days means to be in a creative way To be close to people.

  5. In these days mercy means helping those who are alone or without a home.

  6. In these days, thanks means to think of those who are responsible for our health are there.

  7. In these days repentance means thinking about how we continue to live together in our society want.

  8. Peace means these days, in homes and to avoid violence between nations.

  9. Hope in these days means to light a light where there is despair.

9.5. God bless us and keep us!