Organ Days

joachim schaefer21As part of the Wittenberg Organ Days Orgelplus, the following events will be held this week in the Castle Church: On Thursday, September 23rd, a 30-minute concert for organ and cello will be played at 12 noon. Thomas Herzer and Wolfgang Praetorius initially perform Jewish synagogal music from the late 19th century, including those by Louis Lewandowski and Joseph Sulzer. Contemporary compositions by Jürgen Borstelmann and Traugott Fünfgeld will also be heard.

On Sunday, September 26th, at 5 p.m. there will be a musical evening service with music for organ and trumpet. Sarah Herzer and Joachim Schäfer from Dresden play music from the Romantic period by Karg-Elert, Fauré and Boëllmann, among others.

Entry to both events is free; a donation is requested at the exit.

Wittenberg Organ Days

Wittenberg Castle Church - Wittenberg Organ Days for the year of the organ 2021

Sun | 12.9. | 3 p.m. | Organ plus choir - opening: Musical festival service on the Day of the Open Monument
English Choir Berlin; Head: Kathleen Bird | Organ: Thomas Herzer

Thu | 16.9. | 12 o'clock | Organ plus flute - OrgelPunkt 12 (30 minutes of organ music)
Flute: Frauke Messing | Organ: Sarah Herzer

Thu | 23.9. | 12 o'clock | Organ plus cello - OrgelPunkt 12 (30 minutes of organ music)
Cello: Wolfgang Praetorius | Organ: Thomas Herzer

So | 26.9. | 5 p.m. | Organ plus trumpet - musical evening service
Trumpet: Joachim Schäfer | Organ: Sarah Herzer

Thu | 30.9. | 12 o'clock | Organ plus saxophone - OrgelPunkt 12 (30 minutes of organ music)
Saxophone: Frank Liebscher | Organ: Thomas Herzer

Sa | 2.10. | 8 p.m. | Organ plus flute, cello, saxophone - organ night (until around 10:30 p.m.)
with Sarah and Thomas Herzer, Christoph Hagemann, Frauke Messing, Wolfgang Praetorius and Frank Liebscher

Divine service

Sunday | September 26 | 10.00 a.m. | Castle Church

Liturgy and sermon: Christoph Maier (Conference of the Protestant Academy)

Organ: Sarah Herzer