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Castle Church Congregation

schlosskirchengemeindeThe Castle Church Congregation was founded in 1949. For quite some time, the wish for the Castle Church to have its own congregation had been growing.  This was to strengthen Christian life within the church building and complement the already existing use of the church by the Protestant Seminary of Wittenberg.

Today, about 110 parishioners belong to the Castle Church Congregation. However, the congregation is kept vibrant  by the many people from Wittenberg – Christians and non-Christians alike – who participate in the various activities such as choirs, bible study group, the senior circle or the weekly children’s services. Also, guests from all over the world  regularly attend worship services (some of which are held in English), weekly prayer services as well as church music events.

The regular preachers in the Castle Church are: faculty members of the seminary, the director of the Wittenberg Institute of Preaching and Homiletics, and the director of the Wittenberg Protestant Academy.

If you have any questions or if you want to participate in the life of the congregation, can you go directly to the priest of the castle church.

Contact: Dr. Gabriele Metzner
06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg
Jüdenstr. 35 - 37
03491 403200
0173 3737456

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